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The Rhineland Offensive is the collective name for five Allied military operations from February 8 to March 28, 1945 at the end of World War II.

Although less known than the Battle of Arnhem, the Rhineland Offensive was one of the largest battles on the Western Front.

These operations aimed at conquering the Rhineland and crossing the Rhine. Field Marshal Montgomery devised this operation to end World War II as soon as possible and to give the Western Allies an important voice in the division of Germany.

Never before had an offensive of such magnitude been launched from Dutch territory. Unimaginable amounts of troops, vehicles, ammunition, fuel and food were brought into the area, which was logistically an operation in itself.

According to the Allies, the Rhineland Offensive was decisive for winning World War II.

It included five large-scale Allied operations: Veritable, Blockbuster, Grenade, Plunder, and Varsity. The aim was to conquer the area to the west of the Rhine and to cross the Rhine.

This battle is characterized by invasions, drum fire, man-to-man combat, tank battles, bombing, river crossings and airborne landings often accompanied by heavy fighting under difficult conditions. The poor terrain is even causing delays.

The Rhineland Offensive opened the way to Germany and allowed some of the Allies to advance to Berlin. Another part returned to the Netherlands to liberate the still occupied areas.

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