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Bike tour

Gennep in the Second World War.


Experience the Second World War by bicycle and discover the stories of "Gennep in the Second World War".

On the basis of photos and maps I will take you to places in and around Gennep where the story of Gennep in the Second World War is told.

We visit the remains of the Maas Line where the story will be told of the German armored train that managed to cross the bridge on May 10, 1940 through a ruse of the Brandenburg regiment led by Oberleutnant Wilhelm Walther. The train will later derail at Mill. The bridge at Gennep was one of the few bridges that was not blown up by the Dutch army.

1940 bridge maas May 1940 gennep without st

Subsequently, life in Gennep during the war will be told in particular the Jewish community of Gennep and we will consider a number of stumbling blocks.

But also the resistance from the Gennep community is discussed and the evacuation of the civilian population of Gennep in 1944.

In the Maaskemp and at the Highlander bridge over the Niers, the story will be told of the liberation of Gennep, which was liberated by the Scottish 51st Highland Division during Operation Veritable in Feb 1945.

1945 Feb 1945 liberation white elephant.j
1945 Gennep war damage Hotel de Kroon

And finally I will take you to the Maas, where after 12 Feb 1945 the longest floating Bailey bridge was built. This was needed for a quick supply and supply of troops for the Rhineland offensive.

Bridge Gennep Oeffelt.jpg
Bicycle drawing1-1024x557.jpg
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